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We do not offer customer service or technical support. If the video or sound are not working:

The lawyers on this website are all independent, they're not our employees. We don't take complaints about lawyers or provide legal advice, our only service is to match you with a lawyer. After video chats have ended, we ask you how that lawyer performed, and if a lawyer's ratings slip too low, they are no longer given the opportunity to take calls from Giving that lawyer a negative score will mean that you will no longer be matched with that lawyer.

If you have suffered a loss as a result of a lawyer's advice, we recommend that you consult a different lawyer about their advice, as lawyers carry insurance but there are time limits to make a claim. If the lawyer has behaved inappropriately, you can contact the Law Society of Alberta, who regulates the conduct of lawyers.

If you are inquiring about a business matter (not customer service or technical support), you may contact Ken Proudman.

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