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InstaLawyer Inc. was incorporated by Ken Proudman in 2022. Ken Proudman is a lawyer, partner, and arbitrator at BARR LLP, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Ken's legal practice consists of divorces involving businesses or farms. is made possible by our connection with Ken operates, which is an online community of 1215 Canadian lawyers. Each lawyer who signs up for is individually verified to ensure that they are a licensed lawyer.

When a person seeking a lawyer on clicks to connect to a lawyer, it flashes a notice to any lawyer matching the experience sought who is online on Lawyers can then choose whether to accept the call.

The lawyers on are independent, they're not our employees. Other than the fee to host the initial video chat, we don't receive any portion of their revenues if you hire that lawyer for further services or advice.

We don't take complaints about lawyers. After video chats have ended, we ask you how that lawyer performed, and if a lawyer's ratings slip too low, they are no longer given the opportunity to take calls from If you have suffered a loss, we recommend that you consult another lawyer about their advice. If the lawyer has behaved inappropriately, you can contact the Law Society of Alberta, who regulates the conduct of lawyers.

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